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Life & Career Coach, Counselor

Gerry Fisher

Baltimore, Maryland


Speed up the time between
dreaming and doing

Are you ready? Then let's go!

When you're excited about reaching your goals, and you're enjoying yourself every step of the way, then success happens—it's a done deal.

But even for the best and brightest of us, it doesn't always work that way. Motivation can come and go, and daily life can distract, stall, or side track you.

That's where I can help!

My name is Gerry Fisher. I'm a unique life coach who teaches you how to get unstuck and keep moving forward, so building the life you dream of happens quicker and easier than going it alone...for career counseling, dating,
being happy, mindfulness, stress reduction, focus, and much more.

I mentor children (13+), adult individuals, and families. I'll teach skills learned from 15+ years of being a professional Life & Career Coach, a counseling master's degree, and 20+ years of corporate experience—including being a hiring manager and starting my own businesses.

Moving your life forward is important, so call 410-949-7888 or email me now to set up a free half-hour consultation meeting to see if we're a great fit life for working together. Don't delay success and personal happiness another minute!

Baltimore, Maryland office

3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 219, in Baltimore (directions), conveniently located near the Coldspring Lane exit on RT 83, next to the Woodberry light rail stop. Contact me now at 410-949-7888 or email me to schedule a free consultation meeting. Come on in, have some tea, and see for yourself that we'd make a great team.

Weight Loss Package

For only $329 (individual) or $125 (group), attend four meetings to develop eating and activity habits that last a lifetime. All without dieting! (tell me more...)

Also: resume writing, interview coaching, sleep improvement, and hypnosis. (tell me more...)

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Life Coach in Baltimore Gerry Fisher MSW

Gerry Fisher MSW, Life Coach

Check out my blog...

This "playing putt-putt" blog post is a great example of my Life & Career Coaching approach. Fun approaches like this relax and refocus you, helping you reach your goals quicker and easier.

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Maryland Life: Gerry's Facebook icon"Liking" my page on Facebook or following me on Twitter are fun, easy ways to learn how to be happy, confident, and peaceful. It's a great introduction to working with a Life Coach. Tell your friends and family!

Practice "radical happiness"...

My Life Coaching approach focuses learning various skills for boosting happiness. There is a practical, effective way to use the motto "if it feels good, do it." It has to feel good before, during, and after!

My office is convenient to...

Dundalk, Bear Creek Junction, Brooks Hill, Baltimore, MD, Colgate, Essex, Rosedale, Overlea, Harford County, White Marsh, MD, Bel Air, Putty Hill, Rossville, Perry Hall, Parkville, Carney, Baltimore County, Towson, MD, Riderwood, Mays Chapel, Brooklandville, Pikesville, MD, Lutherville-Timonium, Padonia, Cockeysville, Garrison, Owings Mills, MD, Gwynbrook, Arborwood, Reistertown, Carroll County, Imperial Gardens, Lyonswood, Randallstown, MD, Rockdale, Milford Mill, Pikesville, MD, Sykesville, Milford, Lochearn, Woodlawn, Drexel Woods, Marydell, Ellicot City, MD, Linwood, Oella, Catonsville, Academy Heights, Autumn Hill, Oakland Mills, Howard County, Columbia, MD, Oakland Mills, Jeffers Hill, Annetta Gardens, Jonestown, Brightfield, Waterloo, Jessup, Laurel, MD, Maryland City, Elkridge, Patapsco, Hanover, Arbutus, Halethorpe, Anne Arundel County, Linthicum Heights, Pumphrey, Brooklyn Park, Arundel Village, Ferndale, Furnace Branch, Glen Burnie, MD, Bohemia Beach, Orchard Beach, Severn, South Gate, Pasedena, Severna Park, Dotts Corner, Crownsville, Annapolis, MD.

"Wait! Tell me does it work?"

You can click here for a full description, but this section sums it up.

Consider this: some people are great at starting projects but struggle to finish them, and others can't get started. Some do fine until they come up against a confusing problem. Others become blocked when having to deal with certain types of people.

I help to figure out where you are and how to move forward, which includes:

  • Creating a vision of what you want
  • Developing a practical step-by-step plan to get you there
  • Adjusting your approach and teaching skills so things go smoother
  • Balancing your life so your project doesn't overwhelm
  • Helping you enjoy everything planned and unplanned along the way

I guide you during 1-hour meetings in person, online (Skype or FaceTime), or by phone, with email and phone coaching in between sessions. Plan on 4 to 6 months to make significant progress with most types of projects.

Finally, I specialize in teaching emotional skills so you stay focused, positive, and motivated. Unlike most coaches, I have extensive training with powerful tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT Counseling, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and other emotion-management techniques. Instead of handing you a worksheet or reciting a simplistic affirmation, I can tailor powerful, effective approaches to your unique personality and lifestyle.

Hear what one of my former clients has to say about it:

I realized I was "stuck" when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life...Gerry's life coaching helped me to deal with personal relationships, and how to focus on both short- and long-term career goals...I highly recommend him—without any hesitation!

S. J., from Timonium, MD
Click here for more testimonials...

Mindfulness is just one of the many tools that I teach to help people feel better and get unstuck. This skill is one of the most broadly useful tools that I teach; mindfulness improves the ability to focus, reduces stress and anxiety, and makes you more able to move through upsetting events in life. Here is an introduction to the topic:

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Call me now at 410-949-7888 or email me to schedule your free consultation meeting as soon as possible. Why wait?

"What type of clients do you work with?"

My experience is broad and my clients are diverse; this section gives you some examples of the mentoring I provide:

  • Career Counseling and Executive Coaching

    I've worked with several CEOs, many Directors and mid-level managers, several entrepreneurs, and many other white- and blue-collar workers. I love assisting with career changes, negotiation skills, leadership skills, "managing your manager," and more. For career coaching clients, I provide assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills.

  • Dating and Relationship Coaching

    Examples include making small talk, finding a compatible spouse, building a strong couples partnership, strengthening parent-child relationships, recovering from a break-up, and more.

  • Retirement Coaching

    The "quit work and go play golf all day" retirement model doesn't work for many people. I help clients to reduce the intimidation factor and to create a comfortable, custom retirement plan.

  • Educational Coaching

    Examples include effective test taking, writing papers, shortening homework time, preparing to enter the workforce, and more.

  • ADD Coaching (Attention Deficit or ADHD)

    For example: learning mindfulness schools to strengthen the power to focus, which can even act as a powerful supplement for those who take medication for ADHD. I can also help with practical strategies for improving focus at home, at work, in school, or while doing homework.

  • Gay Counseling and Coaching

    As an openly gay counselor, I help with coming-out issues, accessing community resources, reconciling lifestyle with spirituality, and more.

  • Package Deals

    I offer a set of specially priced package deals for people who want to work on only one goal:

    • Interview coaching—For only $225, this package includes three meetings total, two mock interviewing sessions, strategy planning, and tips for boosting relaxation and confidence. (Tell me more...)
    • Weight loss—For only $329 (individual) or $125 (group), this package includes four meetings total, brief check-ins in between meetings, an aditional month of weekly check-ins to make sure that the weight is coming off, and a copy of the national best selling book upon which this package is based. (Tell me more...)
    • Sleep improvement—For only $279 (individual) or $125 (group), this package includes a two-hour assessment meeting and general sleep guidelines, two weekly meetings, brief check-ins in between meetings, and an additional month of weekly check-ins to make sure that your sleep is improving. (Tell me more...)
    • Hypnosis for habit change—For only $329 (individual) or $125 (group), this package includes 1 two-hour assessment meeting and a general "well-being" hypnosis session, two customized hypnosis sessions, and an additional month of weekly check-ins to make sure that you're making progress. Use hypnosis for any habit change, but it is particularl well suited for quitting smoking, losing weight, chronic stress, panic attacks, and generalized (non-specific) anxiety. (Tell me more...)

    You don't have to be a life coaching client to purchase these packages. Current life coaching clients receive a discount on all packages.

Instead of making your eyes blurry by poring over my resume, why not come on into the office for a half hour, relax, and speak with me at length until you've got a good feeling about working together? Give me a call at 410-949-7888 or email me today to set up an appointment for your free half-hour consultation?

"Are you like a Therapist or other Life Coaches?"

Psychotherapists and Counselors believe that you get stuck because you don't understand your family background, you need to vent your feelings more, or you have a chemical imbalance. These counselors provide medical treatment for your illness. And, unfortunately, most give you medication with no counseling, use counseling methods that don't help you feel better for long (they don't work "beyond placebo"), or offer no help for reaching career or other personal goals.

Counselors give you brief relief while you're stuck in a bad situation...I help you get out of a bad situation.

A typical Life Coach believes that you get stuck because you aren't organized enough. Most of these coaches are briefly trained, personal project managers, who list and prioritize your goals and who cheerlead your successes. However, they don't know what to do when you get stuck emotionally. If you're still stuck after they give you some positive-thinking and motivational slogans, they refer you to a Psychotherapist to work on "your issues."

Other Life Coaches organize your life and hold you accountable...I help you build focus and motivation so you can organize your own life.

My approach is closer to the type of relationship you might have with a financial planner, a personal trainer at the gym, or a teacher and student. In an ongoing mentoring relationship with someone who knows you and cares about you, I provide guidance as you practice new skills and put them into use in your life.

The best way to get a feel for my approach is to stop by my office, get comfortable with some coffee or tea, and talk it through with me. Why not call me now at 410-949-7888 or email me to schedule a free consultation?